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What should the bride select after the date and venue?

Colour pallet, that's the first thing every bride and groom think of before planning their big day. A colour pallet can define your wedding decor and style. One of the trendiest things in 2019 is to get inspired by current trends and instead of being dull and dated you can take your inspiration and create a very posh and stylish wedding. This year's colour of the year, pinkish_Orange_gold hue known as rose gold or copper can be seen in any kind of wedding style. From a very traditional wedding to a modern one you always can have a pop of a trend with your own twist. Refer to our blog for more.Rose Gold | Copper. Mirror and Candelabra, the most significant and iconic part of the Sofreh Aghd. Read our blog for more. Our centerpiece packages come in a wide variety of flower and color combinations, and are offered in bulk quantities to allow you to decorate your entire event and they are always transfrable from your cermony, Sofreh Aghd or your runway to your reception. Go to our blog and gallery for more information.

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